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Stock Market Training Course
1770.00 2000.00

Sometimes we either see a stock market or investment related ad on TV, or listen to a friend talking about the stock market and we think that We should also invest our money and take more advantage of it. And after that, we invest our money in the stock market without giving it much thought or learning more about it, and we suffer a loss ! And then, we keep abusing the stock market our whole life, right?

Personality Development Course
1770.00 2000.00

Every person wants to be a better person to gain more at every level of his/her life and that is the reason he/she needs to improve their personality. Personality helps a person to grow in almost every aspect of life. It does not just help the financial growth but good personality also helps in maintaining and developing social relationships.

Success Mantra Course
1770.00 2000.00

In this course named SUCCESS MANTRA, we won’t give you any mantra that can be repeated and success can be achieved but we can make you sure that you no longer will be in wait for such shortcuts. You will feel an amazing power stroke of self-motivation that will no longer be vanished like it has happened always with you.

Memory Power Techniques Course
1770.00 2000.00

A lot of parents complain that their children don't get good marks in their exams. Even after doing a lot of hard work, even after doing a lot of studies, their results are always much less than their expectation and their hard work and they are not happy with their results

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Course
1770.00 2000.00

In the last decade, we all might have heard many words such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Etc. We must have thought many times, what are all of these? What does it do? Who uses it? How is it used? What are the benefits for us? etc. And even those who know even a little bit about all these, there will be many questions and curiosity in their mind as well to know and understand more about them, to understand them more and more

Interview Techniques Course
1770.00 2000.00

Purpose of this course is to prepare students for all such things that can be helpful in their interviews in addition to what they have learned in their school or college studies, so that every student who learns this course can give their interview well and get a good job for themselves.

Spoken English Course
1770.00 2000.00

We all know very well why and how important it is to speak English. Some have to learn it to talk in English with their friends and some have to learn to speak English to make their career better. One has to learn to speak English in order to settle down in an Abroad country, either just to travel there. You all have your own reasons for learning English Speaking.

Premium MLM Software

After understanding the pain points of thousands of MLM Companies, we have built an MLM Software that enables your Network Marketing Business to achieve long-term profitability.